Specific roles

Usually, a camp run by ACORNCAMPS has a Team Leader, in charge overall and a Programme Leader, who is responsible for the programme of the week. Within the team, different responsibilities are distributed in discussion with volunteers across the UK and Hungarian teams.

For 2019 ACORNCAMPS Big Meet...things are a bit different! The goal is that volunteers can enjoy a ‘rest’, enabling them to really enjoy being on camp and get alongside teenagers. Together with this, and striving to serve the team, we ask that each volunteer take on one main responsibility only during the week. This could be anything ranging from music involvement, english focus, running a seminar, organising a sports activity, giving a Bible talk, sharing a testimony or running an evening entertainment slot.

As each activity will be for up to 250 people it is important that the one task is thought through, and carried out to a high quality. Support will be given from the ACORNCAMPS team to help in planning and carrying out. Applicants have the opportunity to outline particular areas of interest on their application form, and to chat with the team to find a role that is a ‘good fit’.

ACORNCAMPS is a UK charity (no. 1127958) working in Hungary with over 18 years of experience in youth ministry. Our small team of four works together with many permanent and short-term volunteers to organise youth camps and training for youth leaders. Our UK and Hungarian friends and partner churches appreciate the high quality of work, the personal nature of the work including the importance of partnership and the high level of training and support we provide. We love what we do. Read more


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