Bible workshop

ACORNCAMPS runs a regular Tuesday night Bible workshop for partner church leaders and members who regularly preach or teach on the Bible in some capacity. The double focus is as follows:

  • How to understand the main point of a Bible passage for the original readers/hearers
  • How to prepare a talk or set of Bible study questions which bring out and apply the main point for today’s readers/hearers

September 2018 sees 2 new developments in the Bible workshop:

  • Preaching Practice: every 3rd week two people will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned. Each will preach or lead a study around the Philippians passages we have studied together; this is followed by constructive, positive comments to sharpen and improve our ability to be faithful, clear and relevant in our delivery.
  • Creating Resources: the aim is to use the workshop to pool knowledge and gifts to create Hungarian resources. These will include a pdf booklet, set of powerpoint slides and teaching videos that can be distributed to Hungarian youth leaders. This 8-wk course will guide a youth group through Paul’s letter to the Philippians understanding it’s original meaning and how that applies to our lives today.

See for an example of the format used to break up the Bible study preparation, based on material from Langham Partnership.