Székesfehérvár, superheroes, sunshine, singing and sea (well, a lake)…all the makings of a great camp! 2016 saw it’s first summer of partnership with the Reformed church in Székesfehérvár, with our campsite down south, right on the shore of the Balaton lake. Helen, Dave, David & Yue from Christ Church Mayfair (London), together with Steve and Anna travelled down to serve with the Hungarian team (including Juli, to bridge the gaps!) Not quite everything about the camp was new: as well as a few veteran English leaders, the pastor of the church, Berze János, had partnered with AcornCamps ten years earlier whilst at a different church. It was a joy to be back partnering together!

Just over 30 teenagers came on camp and once we became familiar with our new site, a great week was had by all! There was much fancy dress sporting, bandana painting, rugby learning, wide game playing, ceilidh flinging, brownie baking, quiz puzzling and English learning.

We spent time each day studying various peoples’ encounters with Jesus and some of Jesus’ teaching, as recorded in Luke’s gospel. We saw that Jesus was greater than any superhero – his love and his power were clearly presented to us.

One of the highlights of the week – alongside Janos as the villain performing a spectacular death – was one of the teenagers saying that the talk on Luke 5 v 33-39, was the highlight of his week; making him re-think how we relate to Jesus, not through rules but through relationship.

We pray for the team of youth leaders at this church, and are excited by their enthusiasm to love and serve the teenagers in the area throughout the year. There’s lots to be excited about here and to give thanks for!

(written by Helen Harvey)