The camp at Nagybajom Reformed Church was run for the fourth time this summer! We took a team of seven from the UK – Andy and Katy Drake as programme leaders, Ben Tanner as speaker with his wife Rachel and two daughters, as well as Holly Newbould, Beth Butler and Rachel Webb. We were joined in Nagybajom by the Oatridge family, István (the pastor) and his family, and Anita, Anita, Kati, Zsolt and Edit.

Around 20-25 young people came to the camp; a few returning campers from further afield, but many more from Nagybajom itself, which was a great encouragement. Ben’s talks showed us that Jesus is the greatest Superhero, with many campers hearing the Christian message for the first time.

The week was filled with English activities such as cricket and rugby, (and the songs we sing with them!) New for this year were great ‘sports day’ themed team games and a party games evening. The most popular event of the week was the Talent Show, with local families and friends, and even the dinner ladies who serve our meals in the local school, coming to watch!

Whilst the English team and the campers were teaching and learning English, Andy Oatridge led a parallel training programme for some of the Hungarian leaders. It was such an encouragement to see so many people wanting training from the Bible and in youth work. We hope that this will be used to grow God’s kingdom as the Hungarians build on the relationships established this summer. We’re very excited about the new Youth Group that has just started up in Nagybajom this September. We pray for this group and the leaders, that God would be at work in their lives and that they would grow in their love for Him!

(Written by Andy Drake)