Strengthened relationships was the theme of this Summer Camp in Sajógömör…This was a goal of ours as we visit every other weekend to run the youth group; we wanted this ‘intensive’ time to help them to trust us, and for all of us to get to know one another better. We did! We were delighted to team up with the town’s Craft Camp which happens in the village itself.

Twenty young people came together from the village – the younger kids this summer had a different program organised by the church’s pastor and team. This meant that alongside the talks about the gospel of the Lord Jesus and a fun programme organised in English, we could have great relaxed conversations with the teenagers…about their lives, about where they are with their faith … Then at the end of the day, after camp, they invited us to walk around the village so they could show us where they live.

We really bonded, and had quality time together, and were encouraged that one girl opened up and asked for prayer. Now when we make our fortnightly visits to the village it has a totally different feel with the teenagers! Praise God!

(Written by Kate Shepherd)





We’re pleased to be able to visit at points during the year…Winter camps are a great opportunity for young people to come, hear the gospel, and be excited about bringing their friends in the summer.