This residential camp takes place in a beautiful mountain camp site, Kokava, to which teenagers travel from Tornálja and further afield. Most come through word-of-mouth for the English element of the camp. The site boasts beautiful scenery, opportunities for horse-riding and quad-biking, and a brilliant ‘pool’ (very useful for water fights)!

This summer a team of British people – the Shepherd family, Becky and Matt – travelled out and built on the already-forming relationships through a crazy and spiritually-challenging week of camp. Matt, who spoke from Luke’s gospel during the camp, writes:

“It was my third time at the camp in Kokava and it was great fun to be back with old friends! One of the joys of returning to a camp is reconnecting with teenagers you haven’t seen for a year! So often after I leave camp I worry that the few professing Christians will fall away from their faith during the year, therefore it is such a joy to see them the next year still loving Jesus and wanting to live for him! 

At the same time, it is always sad to see the vast majority of the kids indifferent to the gospel. However, having been there a few years now I can be more direct with some of the teens I have got to know and have more meaningful conversations. This was especially the case this summer with one guy on camp; each year he comes and each year he is in the same place of refusing to let Jesus be the king of his life – I do pray that he and the rest of the teenagers come to Jesus to be healed and forgiven!”

(Written by Matt Hodson)