The ACORNCAMP Farnad, Slovakia is run in partnership with the local Lutheran Church in the village and this year had approximately 20 teenagers present. Most people living in that area are Hungarian-speaking, and with English and Hungarian team members, family, and other faithful helpers during the week the camp had around 40 people all together. The UK team comprised of Simon and Becca, Vera, Matt alongside Andy and Zsófi with their kids. It was a joy to once again partner with the Hungarian ladies – including Kata, Éva, Livi, Zsófi and team members Lili (who had just got married!), Veronika, Emese, and Réka.
It was a particular highlight to have Pastor Michál, who recently began at Farnad Church, join us during the week, and have his support – wonderful to hear that he became a Christian at an American Evangelistic Camp as a teenager, having come from a non-Christian family. This was the fifth camp in Farnad, and it was so encouraging to see the way the partnership and training has grown the believers and equipped the older Christians to lead the work during the year. Combined with this was the privilege of seeing teenagers return who have come to all five camps, and witness how the Lord has grown and kept them over the years. The training aspect was unique this year, as older teens and Hungarian team members received additional workshops in how to teach the Bible, establish a Christ-centred youth ministry, and (some for the first time) write and lead Bible studies.
Whilst the older girls were a special encouragement, we pray on for some of the boys who continue to appear hard hearted, apathetic and unmoved by the news of Christ. Some are from tragic and broken backgrounds, so please pray for the Lord to break through in these young lives. At the same time, give thanks for camp veterans who are now considering their next steps as school ends and university beckons. Pray the Lord would strengthen them in their faith in this time of transition.
As we look ahead to 2017, we give thanks for the precious blessing partnership has been with this small, faithful church. Please pray that the Lord would equip his people to encourage one another, and for the youth work to be used by God to disciple believers and motivate them to reach out to those around them who don’t know Christ. Give thanks for the dear older ladies who, in many ways, keep the church going. Pray that they would know more and more of Jesus in their lives, and have the encouragement of others in the village coming to know him.
(Written by Simon Oatridge, speaker on this summers’ camp)

We’re pleased to be able to visit at points during the year… Winter camps are a great opportunity for young people to come, hear the gospel and be excited about bringing their friends in the summer.

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