Support financially

ACORNCAMPS is committed to helping the Hungarian Church reach teenagers for Christ. We want to run camps, train leaders and produce resources.

We are a Christian Charity and are able to carry out our all our activities through the generous financial donations from individuals and churches both in Hungary and in the UK. We aim to invest the majority of our funds into people and training and keep admin, office and upkeep costs to a minimum. All our finances (both UK and Hungarian) are audited annually in accordance with the Charities commission. If you have any questions at all please do contact us.

If you would like to support the work, either regularly or through a one off donation, then please use or alternatively contact us directly for details on how to give:

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What are donations spent on?

Staff Costs: ACORNCAMPS believes the most valuable resource God gives is people. We currently have four people who are paid for the particular work that they do for ACORNCAMPS.

Volunteers hardship fund: All of our UK volunteers generously and often sacrificially also donate to cover the costs of their own summer mission trip. Not all volunteers are able to donate the full cost, and this shortfall is covered by the hardship fund.

Camp equipment: We want our camps to be exciting, engaging and fun. Donations help ensure sports are exciting, the craft is engaging and our activities are fun.

Training youth leaders: Currently all our training work (youth work visits, training events, publicity) is offered either free or at subsidised prices due to the donations we receive.

Hungary based office: ACORNCAMPS has a small office from which most of the work is completed.