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The Vision of ACORNCAMPS is:
to share the gospel with Hungarian teenagers through English language Christian camps in partnership with Hungarian churches.



ACORNCAMPS has been running English language 15_Kok_AmazingChristian camps for teenagers in Hungary since 2001.
Over the last decade the work has developed as ACORNCAMPS has run more than 75 camps across  Hungary and beyond with Hungarian Lutheran, Reformed and Baptist churches.
We currently run 10 camps a year.

Underlying each ACORNCAMP are four key areas:

Cross- Cultural Mission,

Each camp is run by a team from the UK in partnership with a Hungarian church.

Evangelism is at the heart of each camp. The English element provides an incredible opportunity for the Hungarian Church to reach teenagers who don’t attend church.

Each camp provides a great opportunity for cross-cultural mission for Christians from Hungary and the UK. Leaders gain so much through working with brothers and sisters in another country.

ACORNCAMPS is passionate about training up youth leaders to teach the Bible effectively, relevantly and make disciples of Christ in Hungary ad the UK. A number of Discipleship Training Camps (DTC) have been organised and many more planned for the future.


Our Values:

  1. A dependency on God through prayer – the work is God’s and we need to depend on him
  2. Building the local church – we are committed to serving and building up the local church
  3. Founded on truth – the Bible forms what and how we live and teach the gospel
  4. Culturally engaged – wanting young Christians to engage with the culture they live in
  5. Quality – in all we do.